1 Asset Gains, Not Asset Drains

Access to affordable financial products, services, and payment systems (both public and private) enable families to efficiently manage their financial lives.  This means access to checking/savings accounts, affordable credit, and transparent payment systems that aren't overloaded with hidden fees..

Policies that let Oklahomans keep more of what they earn and keep their paychecks free from exorbitant interest and fees that make it harder to get ahead.

2 From A Safety Net, To A Savings Net

Social safety nets serve the most financially vulnerable among us - working people who are not paid enough at their job to get by, seniors, people with disabilities, and children.

Our economy is at it’s best when Oklahomans who climb the biggest obstacles and start out in life with the least opportunity are afforded as many chances to move up the economic ladder as everyone else.

3 Seed & sow, All Kids Need a 529

Opportunities for residents to get the education and job training they need to secure quality employment are prerequisites for economic growth and development across the great state of Oklahoma.  

We want our kids to learn the skills they need to compete for a good job that pays well.  But how can they if no one is teaching those skills or creating those good jobs?

....and everything else in between.....

From affordable housing and homeownership to transportation and infrastructure, we work with our partners to expand opportunities for all Oklahomans to build assets.